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The present subjunctive and the past subjunctive

The present subjunctiveThe subjunctive is a mood, not a tense. The mood of a verb determines how one views an event. You have already studied verb tenses in the indicative mood (le présent, l’imparfait, and le futur), stating objective facts, and in the conditional mood, relating to possibilities. In Chapter 19 we will study the imperative mood that gives commands. The subjunctive is another mood that refers to someone’s opinion or deals with hypothetical actions.

For most verbs, the present of the subjunctive is formed by adding the subjunctive endings (-e, -es, -e, -ions, -iez, -ent) to the stem.The stem for je, tu, il/ elle, ils/elles is found by dropping the -ent ending from the third-person plural present indicative form (ils/elles