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Le verbe faire

The verb faire (to do, to make)Another verb you’ll come across all the time is faire (to do, to make). Let’s look at its conjugation: je fais -  I do tu fais -  you il/elle fait -  he/she does nous faisons -  we do vous faites -  you do ils/elles font -  they do
Qu’est-ce que vous faites ce soir? What are you doing tonight?

Encore des verbes irréguliers

More irregular verbsThe verb aller (to go)Wherever you want to go, you’ll need the verb aller (to go). It is an -er irregular verb, also used in many idiomatic expressions.
je vais -  I go tu vas -  you go nous allons -  we go vous allez -  you go il/elle va - he/she goes ils/elles vont -  they go Ils