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to be and to have in French

Les verbes être et avoir en français
The verbs être (to be) and avoir (to have) are essential verbs you need to memorize. They are both irregular. Let’s start with être: je suis - I am 
nous sommes - we are tu es - you are (familiar) 
vous êtes - you are il/elle est - he/she is 
ils/elles sont - they are Note that the -s of vous is pronounced as a z when followed by the vowel ê in êtes. Elle est américaine. - She is American. Vous êtes brésilien? - Are you Brazilian?

The verb avoir (to have) The verb avoir (to have) also has an irregular conjugation. j’ai - I have 
nous avons - we have tu as - you have 
vous avez - you have il/elle a - he/she has 
ils/elles ont - they have
Note that the -s of nous, vous, ils, elles is pronounced z when followed by a vowel. Ils ont une belle maison. - Th ey have a beautiful house. Vous avez un instant? - Do you have a moment?
Note that un, une, and des change to de or d’ when the verb is in the negative form. Tu as des amis à Paris? - Do you have friends in Paris? Non, je n’a…