The present tense of -re in french

Le présent des verbes en -re en Français

For regular -re verbs, remove the -re ending and follow the pattern below.
vendre to sell
je vends I sell
nous vendons we sell
tu vends you sell
vous vendez you sell
il/elle vend he/she sells
ils/elles vendent they sell
Here are other verbs that are conjugated in the same way:
attendre to wait j’attends I wait
défendre to defend, to forbid je défends I defend, I forbid
descendre to go down je descends I go down
détendre to release, to relax je détends I release, I relax
entendre to hear j’entends I hear
étendre to spread out, to extend j’étends I spread out, I extend
mordre to bite je mords I bite
perdre to lose je perds I lose
prétendre to claim je prétends I claim
rendre to give back, to return je rends I give back, I return
répandre to spread, to spill je répands I spread, I spill
répondre to answer je réponds I answer
tendre to stretch, to hold out je tends I stretch, I hold out
tordre to twist je tords I twist

Irregular -re verbs
Some fairly common -re verbs are irregular. Let’s look at prendre (to take):
je prends I take nous prenons we take
tu prends you take vous prenez you take
il/elle prend he/she takes ils/elles prennent they take
And its variations:
apprendre to learn j’apprends I learn
comprendre to understand je comprends I understand
entreprendre to undertake j’entreprends I undertake

surprendre to surprise, to discover je surprends I surprise, I discover